Say hello to confident reading & spelling.

Help your child build a solid foundation in phonics, boost reading confidence, and target spelling from home with our  Phonics Sound Cards & Online Course, created by a certified Orton-Gillingham (OG) dyslexia intervention specialist.


Any learner whose confidence in reading & spelling needs a boost. Whether they have a dyslexia diagnosis or just need to brush up, we believe almost every learner can benefit from targeted phonics practice.

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Our mission is access.


Our Short, Daily Activities Save You Time & Money

Learning to read and spell with confidence takes time and commitment. 

We created this course to accompany the Sound Cards so we can set you up for success, even if you've never taught anything academic before. 

With guided videos, we teach you how to practice phonics with your child daily and save HUNDREDS of HOURS they would otherwise spend with a tutor–not to mention 2-3 years' worth of tutoring fees. 

We've got you.

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Target Phonics with the Science of Language

Say goodbye to feeling helpless to help your child. Our Phonics Sound Cards are based in cognitive science to support multi-sensory reading intervention at school, in private tutoring, and especially at home with you, featuring:

  • 170+ individual phonics & spelling concepts
  • Video tutorials for 3+ certified Orton-Gillingham phonics activities, plus bonus content to set you up for success
  • Example words and visual cues on the back for extra support
  • Teaching notes + sound pronunciation info
  • Letter formation guide lines to reinforce uniformity in handwriting

    No Teaching Experience Required 
= Zero Stress

Learn how to teach 3 main game-changing phonics activities (plus extras!) with proven success using our online course & our cards with: scripted teaching notes: What to say, how to correct common mistakes learners make, how to assess where they're at, and so much more.


Teach and drill phonics with the 
Sound Card Drill.


Target short vowel sounds with the 
Vowel Signal Drill.


Practice blending syllables with the Blending Board Drill.

Designed to LOOK Like a Game to Make Literacy Drills Fun

Surviving school with dyslexia takes a toll on emotional wellbeing and social self-consciousness. Most reading and spelling tools are aimed at VERY early learners and are embarrassing to those in dire need of help, who tend to be ages 9-14, or even older.

Phonics Sound Cards are designed to look like a game to appeal to middle-grade learners (and up!) and inspire a sense of fun and challenge in these daily, literacy-focused activities. 

Meet Your Guide

Cole Aansen, M.Ed. is a certified literacy intervention specialist and linguist. After years of teaching students with dyslexia and dysgraphia in a 1:1 setting, she has designed this dyslexia learning tool and online video course for parents and current Orton-Gillingham teachers to supplement home learning. 

"Our mission is access. Literacy is a human right and a necessity for students to thrive in modern society as adults."

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